Welcome to the year 2020!

Welcome to the year 2020! While we still aren’t quite like the old cartoon “The Jetson’s”, flying around in our own little jets, technology certainly has come a long way. Today’s home security offers so much more than the original burglar, fire and medical emergency aid; today we make home’s safer and smarter. It is quite amazing to see how many things can be controlled by the touch of a button on your phone! Here are the most popular ways to take advantage of today’s technology –

  • Doorbell Cameras – You can see who is at your front door and even talk to them!
  • Door locks – No more worrying if you locked your doors – you can lock them from anywhere in the world. This means you can also let your neighbor in to feed your cat!
  • Thermostat – Hate coming home to a cold house? Turn your thermostat up when you leave the office!
  • Garage Door Opener – Did you leave the garage door open? No more turning around to drive back home and close it – with a touch of the button, all safe and sound!

How amazing is it to have this kind of control? It is even better when you pair these with Smart Home Protection ADT! Our Command package has “Geo Tracking”, where you can set up a schedule that controls the timing of all these devices. For instance – When you are 1 mile away from your home, the schedule can be to open the garage door, unlock your door and turn the thermostat up! There are also appliance modules that you can connect to lights, radios, and appliances so you can set up any type of schedule you desire! We truly are living in the technology age!

2020 will certainly bring even more amazing technology to our lives. Stay tuned to see what you can look forward to!