Timing is Everything

It’s 3am and you are in the middle of a great dream. You just won the Super Bowl! While you are lifting that trophy up, suddenly, a blaring siren interrupts your dream and you awaken to your smoke alarm really sounding off. It takes you a second to adjust from the wonderful dream, to the reality that is setting in. You jump out of bed and your first instinct is to search the house and see if there is actually a fire.

TIMING.IS.EVERYTHING, and the clock started ticking back when you were becoming a  superbowl champ. You make it downstairs, the kitchen is fine, nothing in the living room, then you start to smell the smoke, as you touch the knob of your garage, you realize, this is no dream, your house is on fire! You run back up the steps and are screaming to get everyone out of bed – no time to grab your cell phone or glasses, only time to get your sleeping 1 year old, 5 year old and wife up and out to safety. Already at this point, a few minutes have gone by.

Once you get outside, you hear the popping and exploding of glass, your adrenaline is pumping as you run your family far away from the house to safety. Now what? As the fire is spreading, you are the only ones that know what is happening. You run to your neighbor’s house and bang on the door. It takes them a few minutes to answer as you frantically beg them to call 911. They need to hurry before your home is a total loss. Unfortunately, by that time, the fire is spreading rapidly, and the fire department is just starting to make their way to your home. By the time they get there, your house is a total loss.

Yes, you and your family are safe, and that is the most important, but it didn’t have to end this way. With a monitored ADT heat and smoke detector, the scenario is quite different. Let’s back up – once that siren was going off lulling you out of your great dream, if you had ADT, they would be calling you. If they can’t get a hold of you within those first few seconds, they are already calling the fire department before you are even getting your loved ones out of the home. You are confident in knowing that they are on the way and will be there soon to stop the spread of the fire. This scenario concludes with fire damage, but it’s repairable*!  Not home when a fire breaks out? ADT gets notified the instant that alarm goes off. Fur babies alone? They have a much better chance of survival when ADT is sending the authorities.

What are you waiting for? Get your ADT monitored heat and smoke detector today and sleep with the peace of knowing you have a team of people helping you should a fire break out in your home. It’s ok now, go back to your dream and lift that trophy high!