Front Porch Deliveries

It’s hard to believe it is already December 5th! Our great delivery drivers are in full swing, bringing your Christmas presents right to your door! Unfortunately, we live in a time where nothing seems safe anymore. You have seen it on the news countless times about the dreaded “Porch Pirates”.
The very best way to protect your front porch is probably standing there with the screen door open so you can wave at anyone creeping up on your porch. However, we all have busy lives, and that just isn’t feasible. We hope that you never have to deal with packages missing that you have spent your hard-earned money on. Here are some tips to help you guard against those pesky thieves!

1 – Outdoor Cameras – If you have a security system, you can add an outdoor camera on your front porch that clearly shows your door and steps

2 – Doorbell Cameras – Most doorbell cameras allow you to speak through them. Once you receive a notification of motion on your front porch just start talking to them and watch them run away empty handed!

3 – Post your security signs that show your home is being monitored. The best sign you can have is the trusted ADT blue sign! Make sure to have on by your front porch and have the ADT stickers on your windows!

If you do not have an alarm system, and can not afford one, here are some other tips:

1 – Keep your front porch clear and visible to your neighbors

2 – Put a lockbox by your mailbox. Your delivery drivers can put the packages in, but they can only be retrieved by a key

3 – Make sure you are signed up for delivery alerts and if possible, request a signature for delivery

Happy online shopping!!